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Oregon State Marine Board

We are a registered agent and are able to register your water craft locally.


Oregon State Marine Board Website

Titling Your Watercraft
Documented recreational vessels primarily used in Oregon waters must be registered.

Oregon boat titles must be submitted by mail or through a local agent within 30 days from the date of purchase to avoid a $25.00 late transfer penalty.
Submit other boat title requests by mail or through a local agent.

If you have special circumstances:
Phone: (503)378-8587
Mail: Oregon State Marine Board P.O. Box 14145 Salem, OR 97309

Fee Schedule Information

Boats using any kind of motor, regardless of length, must be titled and registered in Oregon. Also, sailboats 12 feet and longer must be titled and registered in Oregon.  Registration is issued on a two calendar year basis, with all decals expiring Dec. 31.  No retroactive or late fees for registration.
Calculate the fee at $5.95 per foot (rounded up) plus $5 for the Aquatic Invasive Species Surcharge.
i.e.  A boat 18 feet 2 inches = (19 X $5.95) + $5 = $118.05 

Oregon Titled / Out-of-State - New or Never Titled - $75

Late Title Transfer Penalty (Oregon titled Only) - $25

Replacement Certificate of Number (card only) - $15

Replacement Certificate of Number with Decals - $15

Replacement Title NO Owner or Lender Changes - $25

Note: A late -fee penalty of $25 is charged for Oregon titles transferred 30 days after the date of purchase.


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Boating Safety Education

ALL BOATERS in Oregon are required to take a boating safety course and carry a boater education card when operating a motor boat over 10 hp.

Mandatory Boater Education Program
Card Application
Classroom Courses
Internet Course List
Other Course Options